The Heart of The Hot Mess

At The Hot Mess, we believe creativity and unity within the community are the foundations of business growth. Our passion is extensive and ever-evolving, and needs to be shared with like-minded people. We believe that after a day of working with us, each client should walk away with a memorable experience, in which the soul focus is brand growth and development.

Our aim is to create content that is on-trend, modern but with a fresh twist that leaves a lasting impression on a range of consumers in order to help fellow independent businesses enter the limelight of social media. We showcase products and services using innovative concepts made to your specifications. 

We are a fast-growing, independent business and know the hardships that come along with it. 

Who we are

The Hot Mess is a Northern company based in the UK and founded in the Autumn of 2020. As simple as it may sound, it all started as a hypothetical conversation over a cup of coffee - we agreed that we all wanted more from our careers in content creating, and after acknowledging it was a risky idea to start a business in the middle of a global pandemic, we at least knew we had each other!

Our team have established the foundations of our careers within the modern working climate of social media advertising. The mixture of skills, spanning from photography, graphic design and videography is the perfect mixture of creative content to market any brand. 

The ever-changing algorithms of Instagram, Facebook and Google are a constant challenge that companies are facing, and an insight we have, as a team of three young women, is an essential look in to where to start your journey of online marketing.


The Team
Sales & Marketing Director

‘I’d love to put something witty, yet professional but the degree only gave me so much creativity…’

Olivia is the Sales and Marketing Director for The Hot Mess, with several years of experience in creative production. Her degree work (shoutout to Hudds Uni) was recognised and commended by Open Eye Gallery, and Olivia has since co-founded The Hot Mess and started her own freelance business.

Olivia’s interests include dishing out obscure film quotes, and sarcasm.

Buisness Director

'If it's in rose gold, I'll take it'

Bronte is the Business Director for The Hot Mess, and has over 6 years experience in the industry. Bronte’s work has been in several exhibitions and a short film she directed was nominated for an award (hot stuff, if we do say so). Bronte’s previous work as a freelance photographer and retoucher saw her working for popular Northern fashion brands. Bronte’s interests include her cat (shoutout to Pierre), collecting far too many plants and self-care.