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the hot mess model portfolio day
don't just be a hot mess. be the hot mess
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Let's chat!

Wanna know more and speak to a real person? We're always up for chatting with anyone interested in our model portfolio days, packages and general queries.

Book a free consultation and speak with Olivia of The Hot Mess here.

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Are you struggling to break in to the modelling industry? Don’t know where to start? Have you contacted agencies with no luck?
Stand out amongst the crowd!

Being a model is one of the toughest careers to get going; with such a saturated market, it can be hard to get noticed by recruiters in modelling agencies. With 5 years experience in portraiture and photographing both new and established models, Olivia understands it can be daunting knowing where to start. Alongside honest and helpful advice to set you on the right path, The Hot Mess team will provide professional images to either start or refresh your model portfolio.

Get pampered . Get published . get more of the hot mess life

Here at The Hot Mess, we host a model portfolio studio day once every three months - the studio we use is in Altrincham, Manchester and is a 20 minute walk away from the nearest tram stop.

We're happy to cater to anyone and everyone, no matter what their previous experience may be. Part of our service is posing, planning, guiding and giving all the tips we can to help you get on the right path to starting your modelling career. 


The Hot Mess offers three unique and fabulous packages for you to choose from, all tailored to help you start your modelling journey and fit any budget whilst still providing a flawless and professional service.

From simple, sophisticated shots, showing off your natural looks, to high-end, editorial photography, The Hot Mess is happy to produce whatever kind of images you can think of!

The day is structured and divided into four time slots available to book, with each one reserving The Hot Mess team for upto 4 hours, depending on the package you pick. These booking slots can overlap, and so there may be another model with you - this is a great way to network with fellow up-and-coming models and can really help to put you at ease and make the day feel like a social event.

Male model, streetwear studio photography
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Want us all to yourself? We offer a bespoke package, where you can have us for the whole morning/afternoon slot!

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our packages
1. SO Fetch!

In this package, you will receive:

-Studio photoshoot

-1 look

-1 photographer

-HMUA provided

-6 professionally edited images

-Up to 2 different backdrops

-Drinks and snacks on the day

Total: £125

2. you better werk

In this package, you will receive:

- Studio photoshoot

-2 looks

-1 photographer

-HMUA provided

-12 professionally edited images

-Styling for both looks (THM provides the clothes)

-Drinks and snacks on the day

Total: £225

3. the hot mess life

In this package, you will receive:

-A personalised art direction to show the style, posing, makeup and outfits

-Studio photoshoot

-3 looks

-2 photographers

-HMUA provided

-24 professionally edited images

-Styling for all 3 looks (THM provides the clothes)

-Drinks and snacks on the day

Total: £325

Add-ons and extras

Want a little extra with your package? Choose from our add-ons to make a bespoke package, just for you!

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spotswear fashion model studio photo
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A personalised Tiktok of your photoshoot experience with us



3 polaroid snaps for you to take home


get published!

Submission of your images from your shoot to magazines


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Can't pay all at once? No problem! We offer a payment scheme for our second and third package, so you can pay us on your time!

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how it all started

"The Hot Mess model portfolio days started as a way for us to create fun, vibrant and sassy content with our friends in our creative network. This soon developed into a labour of love - and we then realised there was a gap in the industry between eager and determined models starting their career and the competitive, experienced models already working. And so, after months of trialling, styling, 'moodboarding', photographing, editing and speaking with countless aspiring models, we have found the perfect recipe for the creative introduction into the modelling world."

- Olivia, Founder of The Hot Mess LTD.

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